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HK BN(O) Support - The VCSE Year 3 project

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Guildford Hongkongers 好開心同大家分享我哋成功申請到英國政府嘅資助,可以繼續於Guildford及鄰近地區支援香港人,提供支援服務,包括就業、心理健康以及社會融合等方面。


Guildford Hongkongers has successfully secured funding from the UK government to continue supporting Hongkongers in Guildford and the surrounding areas. We will provide support services in various areas, including employment, mental health and well-being, and social integration.

Guildford Hongkongers is working to support BN(O) Hongkongers in the UK. We offer a range of local projects from July 2023 through to March 2024, providing resources, advice and support to BN(O) Hongkongers who have settled in the UK.

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